A Journey into the NFT Space with Crystal Groves
From The BlockchainDecember 19, 2022x
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A Journey into the NFT Space with Crystal Groves

Everyone’s journey into Web3 is unique, and Crystal Groves is no exception! We dive into her back story, all the way back to when she first built websites at 14 in the mid-nineties, to working with one of the largest NFT communities on Discord. 

Crystal has a deep professional background in Web in general, is present in the NFT community, and has also been integral to Fame Lady Squad's community over the last 15 months, both as a mod in Discord and with security best practices. 

In this Episode, Crystal discusses misconceptions of those interested in cryptocurrency, as well as missed opportunities on public facing marketing. She gives her thoughts on building a community first and shares a bit about her new NFT project – Misfit Academy.

To learn more about Fame Lady Squad and our NFT project, visit our website

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