Blockchain Brings New Opportunities to Charities with Nick Daze
From The BlockchainJanuary 17, 2023x
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Blockchain Brings New Opportunities to Charities with Nick Daze

In this Episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guest Nick Daze, founder of Alignmint. Nick discusses how a near death experience led him to becoming a Web3 founder, starting a Clubhouse channel that led to his meeting of Carole Baskin of Tiger King, and bringing charitable giving to the Blockchain.

Alignmint is designed to be a platform that allows users to have a better connection to the charities that they are giving to through impact updates with NFTs that show the owners how they have helped. This is a huge difference as compared to a typical donation to a charity, where you donate and then likely don’t get updated. Ashley and Nick discuss how Alignmint fills a void in the space of charitable giving and how it plans to incentivize users to collect real time data to be shared.

In this episode, topics include: 

· How meeting Carole Baskin of Tiger King lead to the creation of the Ethereum token Tiger Queen

· How Alignmint will bring charitable giving on the chain so people can share and engage

· The ways that traditional fundraising can get involved in Web3

· Nick’s near-death experience leading to his life in the Web3 space

· Potential tax benefits that you can expect with Web3 charitable giving 

· What inspired Nick to get to where he is

· The ways that receiving updates can impact future giving


… and more!


Also in this episode, Ashley and Danielle announce a new educational segment into the show. This time you’ll hear about Tokenomics: the rules and elements that define the different elements of a crypto project. Be sure to check out the educational materials that will be released on Medium! 


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00:47 – Guest Intro, Episode overview

02:55 – What is Alignmint?

03:58 – Nick's background, connection to Carole Baskin

06:38 – Donating, charitable collaborations and utilization

14:34 – Community and adoption

18:02 – Onboarding newcomers to this space

19:43 – How he came to this space

21:24 – How Alignmint works, donor involvement

26:08 – Plan for launch, scale, and adoption

30:00 – Tax benefits

31:58 – Alignmint’s mission and impact

35:47 – What part of Alignmint Nick is most excited about