Building a Web3 Future with Atari X
From The BlockchainNovember 14, 2022x
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Building a Web3 Future with Atari X

Welcome to Atari X – the Web 3 division of the much loved and historical company Atari! This division was formed in early 2022, and it was a consolidation of Atari’s interest in the Web 3 blockchain space. Our guests believe that there is room for everybody in the Web 3 space, and that gaming has a huge potential.

Scott is focused on the NFT side of things, while Carly manages the social media and community for the brand. They join us from Atari X to chat about Atari’s involvement in the blockchain and how it is creating new ways for the company to interact and collaborate with partners, players and fans alike. 

In this episode, Scott and Carly discuss Atari X’s collaboration with Fight Back Apes, the generational trust of Atari, collaborating with Butcher Billy, their growing community on Discord and beyond, and so much more. 

Be sure to stay until the end for a special mini crash - course called NFTBasics with our very own...NFTIgnition! 

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