Building Decentralized Digital Identities and Advocating for Unstoppable Women in Web3 with Sandy Carter
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Building Decentralized Digital Identities and Advocating for Unstoppable Women in Web3 with Sandy Carter

Recent study shows only 8% of people in the Web 3 space that are building or creating are women. Even though there has been significant growth since last year, there's still a need for women to leap into the NFT space. This is one of the reasons why Sandy Carter started Unstoppable Women of Web 3. 

Sandy Carter is Senior Vice President at Unstoppable Domains and is responsible for driving new partnerships for Web3. 

In this episode, she dives deeper into how through Unstoppable Women of Web 3, she has set out to educate more and more women on what Web3 is, what the metaverse is, and to get them excited about it! As a result, there has been a notable increase in the number of women who are now applying for roles in the NFT space. Sandy is the Chairman of The Board of Girls in Tech and an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley

In the episode, she also lays out her journey into the Web 3 space and detailing how she built an extensive resume in the tech industry. She is a Top 10 Metaverse Influencer, Top 100 Most Inspirational Women of the Web, Top 10 Data Experts, a Member of Fortune Most Powerful Women, and CNN's Top 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech. 

Listen to Sandy share on the Unstoppable Domains, their major offerings, a general sense of the adoption rate, and what they are currently doing. The power of Unstoppable's digital identity, their mobile App, and their debut into the healthcare space is just a taste of their great use cases. She also shares pieces of advice on the most robust strategies around educating women in tech and a bit of Web3 basics. The highlight of our conversation is her experience working with Girls in Tech, her movement of the web, and the evolution of Web 3. Tune in!

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