Discussing the Mass Adoption of NFTs with Shanon Kelley from Nifty's
From The BlockchainNovember 02, 2022x
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Discussing the Mass Adoption of NFTs with Shanon Kelley from Nifty's

Nifty’s is a marketplace, but they aren’t what you’d typically expect. Shanon Kelley describes the reasoning behind the creation of Nifty’s and discusses the fact that she believes that the NFT space needs mass adoption. Having a lower price point, if not free, NFTs helps consumers to easily start their collection and to ramp up mass adoption.

Shanon Kelley has been the Chief Commercial Officer at Nifty's for quite some time. She has experience in omni-media including print, digital, video and experiential. She is visiting us at From the Blockchain at an exciting time as Nifty’s prepares their Game of Thrones drop

In this episode, Shanon discusses new digital ways of showing off collectibles, how to best work with existing IPs, AI integration, and Twitter and NFT Design. Later, she dives into the Looney Tunes collection, explains “Rig”, and fills us in on Nifty’s Game of Thrones drop. 

Be sure to tune in!

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