Follow the Lead of doc Peace with a Pivot into NFTs and Web3
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Follow the Lead of doc Peace with a Pivot into NFTs and Web3

The world is beginning to see the potential in Web 3. More and more people are pivoting into NFTs. As a coach and public speaker, Doc Peace has experienced a variety of career shifts. Doc Peace pivoted her services into the NFT space. On the podcast, she discusses the opportunities available for coaches and entrepreneurs in the space. If you’re curious to learn how a public speaker got involved in the NFT space, listen to the conversation as Doc Peace discusses her journey through the metaverse. 

Doc Peace is a public speaker and spoken word artist with a passion for talking about NFTs. From a background as a doctor of pharmacy, she brings a whole new approach and perspective that is a must listen. She was even recently endorsed by Forbes. 

In this episode, Doc Peace spends time recounting her time on stage at NFT NYC in 2021 reciting a spoken work she had memorized on the plane ride over. She speaks about her readiness for opportunities when / if they arise. She lays out her journey to NFTs from Pharmacy to Coaching to all in on Web3. Web3 is a place for creators and Doc Peace creates. Thanks to Lauren Turton, Doc Pease was introduced to NFTs via GaryVee’s Book Games. She picked up 24 books of Twelve and a Half and was off to the races. (Disclosure, you are no longer able to just buy this book to get a NFT). 

 Doc Peace would advise you to dive into Twitter and into Twitter Spaces if you want to learn more about NFTs and contribute appropriately. Be sure to also dive into her podcast to learn more about NFT creatives. The name of the show is GOLDen MetaSessions by doc Peace.

Doc Peace is doing an incredible work onboarding more service providers into the NFT space. She is onboarding everyone from nutritionists to other artists into the space. It is so important to evaluate your own gifts and determine how you can best bring your talents and your giftings into the space. 

We cover some interesting limiting beliefs such as . . .

  1. I have nothing to offer 
  2. How can I show up 

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