How to Nurture Strong Brand Partnerships in Web3 with Lisa Mayer of Boss Beauties
From The BlockchainMarch 27, 2023x
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How to Nurture Strong Brand Partnerships in Web3 with Lisa Mayer of Boss Beauties

In this episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guest Lisa Mayer, the CEO of Boss Beauties which launched in 2021. Boss Beauties is on a mission to bring the next 1 million women and girls to Web3.0. They are a media and entertainment brand that inspires and empowers the next generation of women and girls to be everything they want to be. They do this through impact programs, content, and consumer products. Boss Beauties made history by being the first collectible on display at The New York Stock Exchange and United Nations Headquarters in New York City. They have partnered with Barbie, Rolling Stone, NARS, and more to empower women through collaborations and mentorships. Before Boss Beauties, Lisa held events to help mentor young women. During the pandemic and becoming a new mother, Lisa started to brainstorm about what she could do and how she could impact women in the space. In the summer of 2021, Lisa and her husband decided to create Boss Beauties. 


00:43 – Episode intro, overview, and brief guest bio. 

07:10 – Interview starts, meet Lisa Mayer and how she and Ashley met.

09:36 – Learn more about Lisa’s background and how she formed Boss Beauties. 

18:55 – Diving into Web3.0 media and entertainment brand and what it means to her. 

22:53 – Learn more about their partnership with NARS and how it has impacted Boss Beauties. 

28:14 – More on partnerships, how to go about finding the right partners, what are corporate partners thinking about, what are they interested in, and why are they partnering with NFTs. 

31:42 – ChatGPT question: How does she balance the need to innovate in a rapidly changing landscape with a long-term vision for her business.

37:47 – What is she most excited about for the future of Web3.0 and her business.

39:59 – How she is balancing motherhood and Boss Beauties. 

43:31 - Where to find Lisa and Boss Beauties. 


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