How to Turn a Web3 Idea Into a Scaled Business with Jenkins the Valet and Tally Labs Co-Founders
From The BlockchainMarch 18, 2023x
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How to Turn a Web3 Idea Into a Scaled Business with Jenkins the Valet and Tally Labs Co-Founders

In this episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guests VJ and Safa – a couple of NFT and Web3 thought leaders who have been friends since the third grade. After college, VJ and Safa took different directions in their careers. VJ went into project management and was working at different software companies, while Safa went into marketing and started his own agency. They would text each other different ideas and early on realized how special the Web3 space could be. After VJ bought his first Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, the friends got creative. What began as a gut instinct and playful experiment with IP, the journey of Jenkins The Valet and Tally Labs highlights how having your finger on the pulse in a new arena with the right entrepreneurial vision and work ethic can lead to a full-time, innovative, and scaled business.

00:41 – Episode introduction, overview, and brief guest bio. 

05:32 – Meet VJ and Safa from Tally Labs and Jenkins The Valet

07:32 – Where and how did Tally Labs begin? 

16:53 – Diving into what the Tally Labs ecosystem is and what it does. What they learned about creating a character from the internet. Learn about their new franchise and book. 

20:58 – Learn more about NFT licensing and IP use and the importance of utilizing those tools. 

25:04– What has their biggest learnings been, what are the different tiers of Tally Labs, and creating content with their community.

33:36 – How have they been able to scale, the importance of funding and fundraising and how they were able to navigate.

37:10 – What Web3.0 means to them and where they draw the line. 

41:53 – What are they working on now and what they are focusing on. 

43:39 – Diving into the Tally Labs podcast and what they are working on with the podcast. 

47:34 – ChatGPT question: What examples of innovation do they expect the public to see in the intersection of media, intellectual property, and Web3.0 over the next five years and which of these innovations do they think will be the most surprising or unexpected? 

50:25 - Where to find them. 

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