Ledger and the Past, Present, and Future of Web3 Security and Adoption with Mo El-Sayed
From The BlockchainMarch 10, 2023x
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Ledger and the Past, Present, and Future of Web3 Security and Adoption with Mo El-Sayed

In this episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guest Mo El-Sayed. Mo is Head of Community & Education at Ledger and one of the hosts of “On The Ledger” Podcast. He is also Co-Founder of NFT Factory Paris. Ledger was launched in 2014, and the company develops infrastructure solutions and security for cryptocurrencies as well as block chain applications for companies and individuals. In this episode, Mo (also known as @Mo_RELS) dives into who Ledger is, what Ledger hardware does, and discusses new product innovation and learning opportunities geared towards mass adoption, safety, and user-friendliness moving into the future. We also learn key differences between “web2 hardware” and “web3 hardware”, and why the nuances are so important looking ahead (and in relation to individual security best practices and safety). This is a great episode for advanced and novice web3, NFT, and crypto participants – and everyone in between! 

In this episode, topics include: 

01:20 – Catch up with Cara and Ashley. Cara’s theater life and balancing everything.

04:00 – Episode overview and brief guest bio. 

08:54 – What’s new in FLS news: Small collection artist drops.

12:12 – Meet Mo Rels. Learn more about Mo’s background.

13:08 – Who is Ledger and what does Ledger do?

14:45– Diving into the Ledger device/public and private key: What it is and how it works. The importance of software wallets and protecting your private key. 

21:42– What is the new product and how is it different from previous devices? Learn more about Ledger Stax. 

26:08 – Ledger’s journey and the growth in this space. The transition from operating in a niche culture to mainstream Web3 culture. 

32:34 – ChatGPT question - What strategies and best practices do Mo believe will be key in ensuring the mass adoption of Web3 tech, particularly, in regard to security? What is blind signing and why does it happen?

39:23 – How education plays a role in mass adoption and how big corporations are entering the space.

44:10 – His outlook on the future of the NFT space and the world becoming more digital. 

49:11 – What is a dApp? 

50:08 – Futurism in AI and the impact it will have.

55:20 - Where to find Mo and keep up with his projects. 


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