Lessons in Creating a Successful NFT Project (Women and Weapons) with Sara Baumann
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Lessons in Creating a Successful NFT Project (Women and Weapons) with Sara Baumann

In this episode of From the Block Chain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guest Sara Baumann, Co-Founder of Women and Weapons and artist. Before diving into NFT’s, Sara worked as an occupational therapist in hospitals and sold her art on the side. In January 2021, Sara began her NFT journey. Sara took a risk and commented on one of Gary V’s posts, and Gary bought three of her art pieces resulting in a 45 second sell out while she was working in the hospital. With this, Sara was catapulted into the web3 spotlight overnight, encouraging her to take action and launch a full 10-thousand-piece generative PFP collection, Women and Weapons. She has since launched a Season 2 collection, and has developed a related digital character, Nova. 

01:01 – Introduction with Ashley and episode overview.

07:39 – Meet Sara Baumann (Women and Weapons). Learn more about Sara’s background. Ashley and Sara dive into Brilliant Minds and how they met. 

11:34 – Sara talks about the launching of Women and Weapons, the PFP launch, and season 2 of Women and Weapons launch. 

15:08 – Sara discusses when she shifted to the Web3 space and her husband Jake joining her team. 

18:23 – Sara explains Women and Weapons and her overnight success.

20:51 – What’s Sara’s intent behind creating, releasing collections, and expanding.

22:35 – Sara and Ashley dive into Community, IP ownership and holders' rights.

24:53 – Who is Nova, how she corresponds to Women and Weapons, and the tech behind Nova.

33:17 – Experiences as an Instagram/Meta beta artist.

40:17 – Sara dives into her collaboration with Amber Vittoria and the merch drop. 

42:06 – 2023 Conferences and what Sara is focusing on this year.

44:24 – ChatGPT: How to approach growing a team. What Sara has learned in the process of hiring people for her team and how she reached out to people.

49:30 - Where to find Sara and learn more about her projects 


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