Monetize Music in Web3 with Spottie WIFI
From The BlockchainJuly 16, 2022x
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Monetize Music in Web3 with Spottie WIFI

With the option to monetize music in Web3, more artists are entering the space. The traditional entertainment industry rewards only a select few. In Web3, musical artists can break into the space much easier than using traditional methods. CryptoPunk Rapper artist Spottie WiFi has experienced this firsthand. His popularity has grown as the only CryptoPunk rapper in the space. In August 2021, he disrupted the music industry by selling 2,000 I’m Spottie NFT albums in 60 seconds. Token holders received limited copyright license to monetize the music.

Learn more about how the new wave of Web3 musicians and how to monetize it as a token holder. 

Spottie WiFi is the only CryptoPunk Rapper in Web3. He received the NFT.NYC Music Award in 2021 and has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Jim Jones (from the Dipset), and more.

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