OpenSea Creator Fee Changes, the “Illegitimate Ape”, and Navigating an Artist’s Career in the Digital and Web3 Landscape with Amber Vittoria
From The BlockchainMarch 01, 2023x
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OpenSea Creator Fee Changes, the “Illegitimate Ape”, and Navigating an Artist’s Career in the Digital and Web3 Landscape with Amber Vittoria

In this Episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guest Amber Vittoria. Amber is an artist, poet, and author currently working in Los Angeles, California. Through abstracted form, ribbons of color and joyous words, her work aims to represent the nuances of womanhood. Amber went to Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and studied graphic design and print making. She moved to New York City where she worked at both Victoria’s Secret and Avon as a Web Designer before she decided to work as a full-time freelance artist in 2017. She was one of the first digital collectible artists to be launched through Instagram’s platform.


 00:45 – Catching up with Cara, her theater life and how Ashley is balancing mom life. 

03:55 – Introducing Amber Vittoria and episode overview.

09:00 – Update on OpenSea fee changes, creator fees, and secondary royalties. Discussion about Marketplace wars and what is known so far.

17:51 – What's new in the NFTs space with Bitcoin NFTs – Ordinals and the Illegitimate Ape. 

25:25 – Meet Amber Vittoria. Learn more about Amber’s background, from her start in art to where she is now with being an NFT artist.

28:04 – Discussion on work in the NFT space and selling work as fine art.

30:06 – Amber’s artistic journey, as well as diving into her first book “These Are My Big Girl Pants.” 

33:30 – Her journey with Instagram collectibles and the artist program. Discussion on the differences between Web2.0 and Web3.0. 

41:55 – How Amber entered Web3.0. 

46:03 – Her thought process behind what she works on. Her understanding of art editions and creating art that is accessible to everyone. 

52:26 – Learning how to turn physical work into digital work.

57:05 – Her thoughts on intellectual property and the importance of retaining IP. 

63:09 – Creator royalties and what does it mean for artists.

68:27 – ChatGPT Question - What does she envision on the intersection of tech and art? 

72:45 – Where to find Amber and her notable collaborations. 


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