Otherside Metaverse, NFT’s and a Deep Dive into Intellectual Property in Web3 with Baron Von Hustle
From The BlockchainFebruary 08, 2023x
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Otherside Metaverse, NFT’s and a Deep Dive into Intellectual Property in Web3 with Baron Von Hustle

In this episode of From the Block Chain, Ashley (Bored Becky) and Cara (Lady C) are joined by guest Baron Von Hustle (Thee Hustle House). Baron is the host of The Boring Show, Swamp News, and Other Space FM. Baron is also a content creator, an advisor, and has been behind projects in the space! He has been in the Web3 space for a while and was doing educational content and crypto in 2016. Baron has been in the crypto and NFT lifestyle since 2016.

 In this episode, topics include: 

00:52 – Introduction with Cara and episode overview.

06:23 – Big brands are entering Web3 and integrating more tech. Kevin Rose (Moonbirds) major NFTs stolen. Best practices for security and how to protect wallets.

12:44 – Reminders on looking for sponsors and build up the podcast if interested. Upcoming email newsletter. 

14:17 – Meet Baron Von Hustle (Thee Hustle House). Learn more about Baron’s background. 

17:08 – How the evolution of the space has impacted Baron and how he has grown. Baron gives advice to those who may be feeling loss or hardship during difficult times.

22:07 – Baron gives an overview of the Dookey Dash game.

24:14 – Baron discusses what he is currently working on, including augmented reality and his shows “The Boring Show”, “Swamp News”, and “Other Space FM”. 

25:26 – Baron discusses Otherside Metaverse. 

26:14 – Deep dive into intellectual property, what it does and what you can do. Baron dives into what happened with G Fuel, how to keep going with your asset, and how to gain value with your asset. 

32:50 – Examples of people utilizing and getting creative with their NFT IP. 

36:50 – Diving into the metaverse, what the future holds for the metaverse, and Baron is most excited about right now. 

42:03 – How to stay on top of innovations and tech enhancements. 

44:48 – Is Twitter still the primary resource to learn about what is going on in the NFT environment? 

46:40 – Learn what grounds Baron in this space.

48:56 - What is Baron's vision for the future of Web3 and NFTs and what steps need to be taken to ensure this vision becomes reality. 

51:55 - Where to find Baron and learn more about his projects.


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