Rethinking CPG Brands in a Web3 Era with Maggi Xu of GMGN Supply Co.
From The BlockchainAugust 22, 2022x
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Rethinking CPG Brands in a Web3 Era with Maggi Xu of GMGN Supply Co.

Could you name the major conglomerates of consumer products? Truth is you’ve probably purchased something from them (i.e. Kellogg’s, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson) recently. Those products are controlled by a powerful few. Maggi Xu wants to change that. She founded GMGN, which is short for “good morning, good night”, to launch 100 consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and give consumers more control. This new way of developing CPGs develops brand products through community-led decisions. The GMGN team believes the future of consumer products is moving away from conglomerate-owned into decentralization, where NFTs give the community ownership over the brand. Listen to the full conversation about how consumer-led business is changing the way for consumer goods.

 Maggie Xu is the co-founder of GMGN, an organization on mission to develop 100 community-built consumer goods.

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