Tapping Into the Power of Community in Web3 with Maggie Xu
From The BlockchainOctober 24, 2022x
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Tapping Into the Power of Community in Web3 with Maggie Xu

There is so much power in collaborating, and Maggi Xu doesn’t believe there’s competitors – period. Everyone has a unique skill and a unique position, and it's about being aware of what makes your community and your brand unique and then able to start partnering up with everyone. And as you work with these partnerships, they are getting a new audience as well. Maggie thinks that is really the beauty of Web3, it is incredibly open, and it is very transparent.

Maggi Xu is a Co-Founder of GMGN Supply Co, an organization on a mission to develop 100 community-built consumer goods, and she is revisiting us at From The Blockchain as GMGN enters their mint phase.

In this Episode, Maggi discusses the power of tapping into the power of the community, and what Web3 does to everyone in that community. She speaks on Web2, and how it's all about having an influencer or a creator and then having a group of people who believe in that creator. She then dives into what Web3 does in addition to that, and how you are able to start earning tokens as you're supporting your favorite creator.

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