The NiFTy Chicks, Their NFT Journeys, Life in Puerto Rico, and Why They Want to Bring More Women into the NFT Space
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The NiFTy Chicks, Their NFT Journeys, Life in Puerto Rico, and Why They Want to Bring More Women into the NFT Space

Crypto winter is upon us and weathering the storm can be challenging! This pod has brought some great people together who believe in the space and can bring many insights into why NFTs are here to stay. We get to dive into a conversation with some awesome ladies covering a lot of ground.

Fame Lady Squad is on a mission to bring more women into the NFT space. This episode, we joined forces with the co-hosts of the NiFTy Chicks podcast, Mint-E-Cell and JeNFT, to encourage more women to start collecting NFTs. The context of their show is primarily news based however they are doing so much to bring financial education and freedom to women in NFTs. The speed of the Web3 world is incredibly fast so be sure to follow their journey and stay up to speed on what opportunities you may want to take advantage of.

In our episode, these ladies share their journey of how they got started in crypto and NFTs. JeNFT moved from figure skating to finance at places like Goldman Saks before diving into Web3. She’s now a Web3 connoisseur collaborating with some of the top voices in the space. For Mint-E-Cell, she was the host and producer of the Bad Crypto podcast before she joined the NiFTy Chicks Podcast full-time this year.

The NiFTy Chicks brought a Fame Lady to life with some exciting new AI technology. Check out the link in the resources section to check it out.

Tune in to hear the co-hosts discuss the struggles they and other women face along their journey into Web3. They spend a good chunk of time discussing what communities would be the best fit, how to decide what project to buy into and so much more! Dig in to learn where you can get started. 

To learn more about Fame Lady Squad and our NFT project, visit our website.
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