The Potential Impact of Web3 Technology and NFTs on the Film Industry with Heidi & Joshua Gillman
From The BlockchainMay 12, 2023x
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The Potential Impact of Web3 Technology and NFTs on the Film Industry with Heidi & Joshua Gillman

In this episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (aka Bored Becky) is joined by special guests Heidi and Joshua. In 2021, Heidi and Joshua joined the creative team behind NFTtheMovie with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the movie industry. Although their film was denied when they submitted it to the Sundance Film Festival, they saw it as a valuable learning experience to improve their craft before showcasing it to the world. This marked the beginning of "The First Family of Art in NFTs." 

Joshua, who has been painting since 2007, took a leap of faith in late 2020 by quitting his job to pursue art full-time. Joshua and Heidi sought guidance from a professional coach, which helped them gain clarity on their true desires in life. Meanwhile, Heidi runs a successful Etsy shop where she creates tutus and outfits. 

Curious about what big brands were doing, Heidi and Joshua decided to venture into the Web3.0 space with augmented reality after being introduced to NFTtheMovie through their community. Despite initially feeling intimidated by the technology, Heidi immersed herself in research and soon became fluent in it like a second language. After leaving Miami, Heidi and Joshua reached out to Jeff Crane and made the decision to invest in NFTtheMovie.

00:41 – Episode intro, overview, and brief guest's bio 

05:18– Interview start, meet Heidi and Joshua and learn how they met Ashley 

08:58 – What have they been doing over the last few years, who they are, and what brought them to the space 

14:06– What they were doing before they decided to pursue their passions

18:25– How they were introduced to NFTtheMovie and what did it mean to them when they were invited to the team

32:17– How many groups of people they talked to during filming, standout people, and anecdotes from their NFTtheMovie journey

40:31– Diving into The First Family of Art in NFTs and what it is 

43:31– The evolution of NFTs from 2020 to 2023 and what it looks like now 

45:01– What themes they took from their conversations and interviews for the film 

49:42– AI technology, owning your content, and their journey with AI technology

56:33– Where to find Heidi and Joshua

52:13– ChatGPT question: In what ways do they see the integration of Web3.0 technology impacting the film industry, particularly when it comes to traditional modes of distribution and consumption?

54:04– What advice they have for those entering into the media and content creation space

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