Web3 Media, NFTs, and Make Your Own Avatar with Kelvin Troy
From The BlockchainJuly 22, 2022x
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Web3 Media, NFTs, and Make Your Own Avatar with Kelvin Troy

As avatars soar in NFT popularity, the opportunity for personalized media is wide. Kelvin Troy, founder of NFT Avatar Maker, appreciates the importance of customized media. He walks through unique ways to use NFTs as well as opportunities for token holders and creators. 
NFT Media Box works with studios and celebrities to help launch NFT projects. On the episode, Kelvin discusses how Web 3.0 will impact traditional media. If you’re curious to learn how an original NFT token holder got involved in the NFT space, listen to the conversation as Kelvin discusses his journey through the metaverse. 

Kelvin Troy, also known as MasterBuz, is the founder of several NFT projects as well as the company called NFT Avatar Maker and NFT Media Box

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