What Does the Ethereum Merge Mean (and Not Mean) for You? with Allen Hena
From The BlockchainSeptember 10, 2022x
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What Does the Ethereum Merge Mean (and Not Mean) for You? with Allen Hena

With the Ethereum Merge expected to debut sometime next week (September 14th or 15th), there are wrong narratives going around. 

In today's episode, we seek to shed light on the whole transition from a reputable source, someone that has and is still influencing the Web3 community; Allen Hena. He is a technology, cryptocurrency, and digital asset consultant and advisor focused on developing strategies, leadership, and education in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency and Web3 sectors. He is also the Director of Web3 Operations at Vayner.

In the episode, Allen clears the air on false narratives of 'protecting yourself from the Merge and stresses the importance of being careful and informed.

An innovation is happening, enabling more adoption and with this evolution comes more efficiency!

Allen wraps up by clarifying the commonly asked questions on the debut and how to move forward with The Merge. 

Tune in to get clarity, learn more and take key takeaways about this upcoming game changer: The Merge.

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