Why you should document your journey as a creator in Web3 with Travie.eth
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Why you should document your journey as a creator in Web3 with Travie.eth

In this episode of From the Blockchain, Ashley (Bored Becky) is joined by guest Travie, who is a member of the Fame Lady Squad community and is also the host of the FIRED UP (on the Blockchain) Podcast as well as co-host of the NFT365 Podcast. Travie is a champion of utility cases and digital ownership on the Blockchain. He advises several NFT brands, has spoken on stages at NFT London and Miami and is scheduled to speak at NFT NYC in April. Travie is also preparing to launch The Journey NFT program. 

The Journey NFT is currently in pre-mint, and is designed to support underprivileged children whose art, theater, music and STEM programs in public school are being defunded. The Journey also helps to fund artists and musicians currently selling their work on the Blockchain. 

In this episode, topics include: 

01:19 – Introduction and industry updates 

07:59 – Meet Travie! Learn about what Travie is currently working on 

11:11 – Travie’s background and how he got to where he is today 

16:56 – Crypto Realtor Accreditation in the real estate market 

20:45 – Travie's podcast and his motive behind it. Learn what inspired Travie to get into the podcast space and his mission to bring “One Love” to Web3 

27:09 – Audience feedback from Travie’s podcasts and the reasons you should be true to your “why” 

31:27 – Travie discusses the “One Love” mentality for Web3 which comes from the song One Love by Bob Marley. He talks about how we are all connected and going through life together. His philosophy is to treat everyone how you would want to be treated. 

34:51 – Ashley uses AI to creation a question for the guest; Travie talks about his love of Music NFTs; Travie discusses the future forecast for the space 

42:59 – Travie introduces his NFT brand, The Journey and its mission 

49:09 – Find out more about the NFT NYC event that Travie will be speaking at 

50:08 – Where to find Travie and learn more about his projects 

Also in this episode, Ashley announces a new feature to the podcast, where AI (specifically ChatGPT) will be generating a question for each guest moving forward! 

Today’s show is brought to you by Daz3D


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