Year in Review | Part 2 | April to June
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Year in Review | Part 2 | April to June

Welcome to a special three-part episode of From the Blockchain of The Ladies Behind the Podcast! Ready for the 2022 year in review? In part two, Ashley continues her chat with Danielle and Cara on some of the past year’s biggest stories and their personal takes. 

In this special episode, Ashley, Danielle and Cara discuss the year 2022, picking up where we last left off in Part 1. Some topics touched on include:

· Coinbase NFT Marketplace launch

· Yuga Labs NFT release which granted access to their “Otherside”

· The reasons to pay attention to what’s going on even if you’re not a NFT owner

· The collapse of the Terra Luna cryptocurrency


..and so much more! Tune in to part 2 for the continued review of 2022, predictions for 2023, and all of the twists and turns along the way!



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