Year of the Woman Founder Yasmin Shima on Building a Bridge for Traditional Art to Join Web3 #Women.NFT
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Year of the Woman Founder Yasmin Shima on Building a Bridge for Traditional Art to Join Web3 #Women.NFT

Traditional art has made a new place in the digital world. More artists are recognizing the opportunities in Web 3.0 and are creating phenomenal collections. As a traditional painter, Yasmin Shima joined the digital art world and later Web3 after a procedure that kept her from standing at her easel to do her traditional art. She stared off with her Ride or Die collection minted on OpenSea. She then launched her Year of the Woman project after getting fully onboarded into the Web3 world. 

Yasmin loves to champion women in her artwork. She’s most well-known for her Chinese Zodiac collection which she coins the Year of the Woman. 

 On the podcast, she discusses her journey in the space and the opportunities to champion women in NFTs. Listen to Yasmin share her story and discuss the state of Web3 for artists and creators. The pandemic of 2020 encouraged her to go all in on her art. She is now full time in the digital art world and is focused on onboarding new people into this blossoming space. Her network with her core team has been instrumental in growing a foundation for the business behind her project.

 Yasmin recommends an artist combine the traditional with the digital as an artist by providing an IRL piece of artwork alongside the NFT purchased / minted. The utility of an artists NFT could be that simple.

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